2 Kids Handprint’s Keyring


Print Kits Incl. Free postage in Ireland


2 Siblings Actual Handprint’s set forever together in a rectangular shaped pure silver pendant keyring. Capture your loved ones hand or footprints with the kits provided upon ordering and we will create your own bespoke keepsake. The sterling silver keyring measures 32mm and is finished to a high mirror polish. A beautiful keepsake gift for any occasion. Weddings, Fathers day, Mothers day, Birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. Please be advised, this is a delicate piece of jewellery and will dent or scratch if attached to a bunch of keys.

Print kits to take your prints are included upon ordering and will be sent to you. A photograph of your prints is sufficient by email to create your piece. Please do not send the actual prints as I cannot guarantee they will be returned to you.
All Charm Bee pieces come packaged, ready to gift.


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