Fingerprint Cufflinks


Print Kits Incl. Fee Post


Your loved ones actual fingerprints captured together in a pair of rectangular handcrafted silver cufflinks. These fingerprints are from the same person, however, if you wish to have 2 different loved ones prints, you will require an extra kit at an extra charge of €5. Please get in touch with any questions you may have before ordering.

Print kits are sent to you when you place your order, full instructions are included.

You will need to send the fingerprint casts to me for me to reprint them into your cufflinks, however, I will return them to you so you can use them again in the future if required.

Within 10 days you will receive your cufflinks by post displayed in an elegant leatherette and velvet lined box.

These make beautiful keepsake gifts. Unique, Bespoke, Handcrafted.

A unique way also to have the fingerprints forever as a memory of a loved one who as passed


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