Merry Christmas

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It’s familytime now and I’m really looking forward to spending some downtime with mine. Not much to report on the progress of the build as over the last couple of weeks the weather has once again been against us combined with festive holidays. I thought I might take this opportunity in my last Blog for […]


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Great progress is being made on The Studio Café over the last couple of weeks. Charm Bee has been very busy with events, commissions and jewellery orders in the run up to Christmas. I visit the site a number of times every day as the pottery kiln is located there, and see how quickly the roof has been built. […]


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The mezzanine floor is in and we’re told that building and roofing should be complete in the next few weeks. The studio structure will be finished as such just without the windows. Patience……. I was lucky enough to have a visit last week from a super lady whose experience in the food industry is extensive. […]


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Its been a wet few weeks but the build continues. Steel girders are in place and the beams have been installed to floor the mezzanine. Block work is still ongoing to complete the upper floor with a view to having the building sealed by Christmas. The front door, windows and rear access to the courtyard […]

History In The Walls

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    Probably one of the most exciting things about working with an old building is the uncertainty of what might be revealed. Each and every piece of history uncovered, forms a part of the developing story. Unfortunately, we didn’t discover a chest of gold coins or a map to a life changing fortune but what […]

The Demolition

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A fond farewell to the old workshop. Locals here in Labasheeda hold many memories of the old building and the people who worked and lived there. One of its uses in the past was for building coffins. (Incidentally, there was also a premises in the village where the coffins were lined.) A neighbour also told me that […]

The Charm Bee Studio Build

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Welcome to the new Charm Bee blog. Another chapter begins…..We are building a Pottery Painting Studio & Cafe in Labasheeda on The Shannon Estuary Way. Our new premises will offer the opportunity to come and create a keepsake of your own art by painting a piece of precast pottery in our modern comfortable cafe. Your […]