Merry Christmas

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It’s familytime now and I’m really looking forward to spending some downtime with mine. Not much to report on the progress of the build as over the last couple of weeks the weather has once again been against us combined with festive holidays.

I thought I might take this opportunity in my last Blog for 2019, to share a bit of Irish festive Christmas custom with you. Some people may be familiar with “The Wren” on St Stephens Day (Boxing day). In County Clare, this tradition is still very much alive and well and since my family and I returned to Ireland 5 years ago, our kids have embraced this festive activity with great enthusiasm. Pronounced “The Wran” here locally, musicians and groups call door to door to play and/or sing a traditional Irish tune and entertain each household. Some dress up in old clothes and straw hats. In return, they are gifted with some money.

Labasheeda, is a close knit community steeped in history, tradition and idyllic scenery. Wherever you may be, we wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas from West Clare and  hope to see you in our new Charm Bee Studio Café in 2020.

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