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The mezzanine floor is in and we’re told that building and roofing should be complete in the next few weeks. The studio structure will be finished as such just without the windows. Patience…….

I was lucky enough to have a visit last week from a super lady whose experience in the food industry is extensive. It was inspiring to plan the details of the kitchenette with someone who has such invaluable knowledge. Plumbing and electrics were our main topics of conversation, riveting stuff!  Although Charm Bee will primarily be a Pottery Painting Studio, I am sure many visitors will want to pop in for just a cuppa and a chat. I look forward to welcoming all.


Another local fact……….

My husband’s family are from Labasheeda. The coastline here is very rich in seaweed stock. In the mid 80’s, himself and his brothers used to cut seaweed along the shores. They would use a sickle to cut and then wait for the tide and wind to shift it up on to the shore. They would spread it out with pitch forks and leave it to dry. It was then gathered into cocks and loaded into trailers and brought to the local Glynns Seaweed Factory in Kilrush. They were paid £40 per ton for their backbreaking work. I believe the seaweed was sold to make beauty products, cattle feed and stiffeners in products such as toothpaste and ice-cream.

Funny how some things survive. Currently 2 men from Connemara gather seaweed here now and are overwhelmed with its abundance. They have been coming here for over a year gathering and transporting truckloads up to Galway where it is processed and sold both locally and shipped abroad. It’s still backbreaking work.

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