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Its been a wet few weeks but the build continues. Steel girders are in place and the beams have been installed to floor the mezzanine. Block work is still ongoing to complete the upper floor with a view to having the building sealed by Christmas. The front door, windows and rear access to the courtyard are in place and the WC has also been constructed. At the moment I am busy preparing for various Christmas events and current space is very tight to work in and store all the pottery bisqueware. I simply can’t wait to get into the studio!! I’ll keep you posted…..

If only the walls could talk…….

As with most communities, Labasheeda has a local hall. Ours is built right at the estuary waters edge and boasts spectacular views across to Limerick. Its uses have been varied over the years. The building was constructed as a church in 1837 and remained so until 1977 when a new church was constructed across the road. In the early 1980’s it was used as a toy/games production factory. Locals remember it was a firm from Northern Ireland who employed a number of people from the area to assemble board games. Unfortunately, it only lasted less than a year. One local told me there was also a fishing boat built in the hall before its reconstruction in 1988 when it was reopened as a community hall and used as a youth club amongst other things.   Today it’s used to facilitate the Dan Furey Set Dancing festival as well as a great family Christmas event hosting Santa Clause himself!  This November, Charm Bee is hosting its first Christmas Pottery Painting Event in the hall. A new experience for the old building and Charm Bee too. Exciting times ahead for sure!




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