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Builders arrive onsite and the block work begins on a beautiful sunny day. It astounds me how quickly the walls rise up from the foundations. Gaps where doors will be and open areas where the windows will fit appear in the new emerging structure. I start to imagine how the kitchen will look, where the sink will be that will clean paint stained hands and brushes, and where to place tables, chairs and benches to seat our visitors. As a typical woman, I am jumping ahead to colour schemes and decor. I am drawn to all things sparkly. After all, I created Charm Bee from my love of silver jewellery.  I have no doubt my husband and our advisers will  try and instill some reality to my vision.

Having decided to record the build on a blog, social media and updated posts, I am enjoying the process of documenting it all and I hope it will stand as a future reminder of how excited I am to be fulfilling a life long dream. I posted my first social media video last week on the recommendation from another small business owner. I am assured that this is part of the necessary process to keep current online. The kids thought it was cringy……  so did I but I’m not going to tell them that!!!.. After all, I am sure most of us don’t like seeing or hearing ourselves on camera.

Here are some of the latest pics!




Finally, I thought I might share this local story with you…..

In July 1902, Labasheeda was host to a national sporting event. During this event, a strange figure was spotted coming across the Shannon. Some thought it to be a sea monster and started to scream and pray. As the figure came closer, people realised it was a man on his homemade cycle. This man was named as Tom Mangan. When a policeman tried to arrest him, he knocked him down,  turned around and pedaled back across to Glin.

This story is written at the village quay.



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