History In The Walls

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Probably one of the most exciting things about working with an old building is the uncertainty of what might be revealed. Each and every piece of history uncovered, forms a part of the developing story. Unfortunately, we didn’t discover a chest of gold coins or a map to a life changing fortune but what our lovely property on The Shannon Estuary Way did reveal was more stories of how our pretty village was built and what methods were used in the construction of the buildings. Picture #1 shows an old axel from possibly a donkey and cart. This appears to have been inserted into the walls to tie an existing wall to the new structure. This may have been used as a cost cutting measure. Who knows??? In practical terms, they  used what they had to hand.

The beautiful stonework, pic #2, that formed the construction  of the workshop, encompassed a magnificent stone fireplace where no doubt numerous pots of water were boiled for tea. It was deemed necessary to deconstruct the old workshop with its lovely fireplace which I had hoped would become home to the choice of precast bisque/pottery to paint for our future customers. Our pottery will find a new home and modern technology will ensure tea remains the focal point of conversation.

Not so sure the garlic in picture #3 hanging from the beams will feature in our new studio….We wonder if previous owners may have had any vampire superstitions in the past considering its former use with coffin making…….

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